The primary aim of the MedBioinformatics project is to develop integrative bioinformatics tools and software applications useful and autonomously usable by translational scientists and clinical practitioners for analysing the huge amount of data and knowledge generated in healthcare and biomedical research in order to facilitate translational research and precision medicine.

The specific objectives of MedBioinformatics are:

  1. To build a new generation of computational tools for the analysis of genotype-phenotype relationships on the basis of high throughput sequencing data (WP3).
  2. To develop systems medicine tools (Disease Biomarker Browser, Disease Trajectory Comorbidity Browser) able to mine, integrate, filter, prioritise, analyse and visualise relevant health data and scientific knowledge (WP4).
  3. To tailor the previous applications for the needs of translational scientists and clinical practitioners in neuropsychiatry and oncology (WP4WP5).
  4. To develop specific bioinformatics applications which address the unique characteristics of cancer, supporting its molecular diagnosis and personalised treatment (WP5).
  5. To test the applications in relevant case studies in oncology and neuropsychiatry, selected due to their relevance as test beds for the bioinformatics applications and due to their intrinsic biomedical interest (WP5WP7).
  6. To implement a rigorous software engineering approach that intensively incorporates the potential end-users in the whole process with the aim of yielding useful and user-friendly applications (WP2).
  7. To promote the use of the generated tools in translational research and clinical practice, including their extension to other medical specialties (WP8).