MedBioinformatics 7th General Assembly Meeting<

The seventh General Assembly meeting of the MedBioinformatics project took place in Barcelona on March 2nd 2017 at the Barcelona Scientific Park.

This one-day meeting was focused on presenting the objectives and roadmap for getting feedback for the third iteration with the end users, on presenting the advances in the development of the various tools since the last GAM, as well as on the work performed for enriching/improving them, including also the various use cases being developed in collaboration with clinicians and translational researchers. An update on the programme, logistics and dynamics (i.e. registration, abstract submission, etc.) of the 2nd European Conference on Translational Bioinformatics (ECTB2017) was given by EBI-EMBL.

Besides the General Assembly, a specific workshop focused on sustainability was organised on March 3rd by an expert consultant from the Common Exploitation Booster service of the European Commission. The workshop focused on helping the tool developers analyze each tool’s business strategy and post-project roadmap. To do so, the workshop was structured mostly on individualized sessions between the consultant and each “tool team” for going deeper on the business modelling exercise and adapt the assessment to each tool’s actual needs.

Next face-to-face meeting will take place in Hinxton, UK on June 14th 2017, in the framework of the 2nd European Conference on Translational Bioinformatics.