MedBioinformatics 5th General Assembly Meeting<

Barcelona hosted the fifth General Assembly meeting of the MedBioinformatics project on June 21-21 2016, which counted with the attendance of 30 people from the different organisations and research groups involved in the project.

The meeting was focused on presenting the advancement done in the definition of the various use cases developed for adapting the tools to the different medical disciplines in WP2, as well as the progress done in the sustainability strategy, presenting the results of a questionnaire passed to several end users (both translational researchers and clinicians) in order to profile and understand motivations, behaviour and limitations when it comes to the use of bioinformatics tools in their daily activities.

An overall evaluation of the 1st European Conference on Translational Bioinformatics that took place in Copenhagen was presented, including relevant outcomes, lessons learnt and best practices to be considered for future editions. In this regard, EBI presented the plans for the organization of the ECTB2017 that will take place in Hinxton in June 2017.

The breakout structure already applied was also used for this General Assembly through specific sessions on Oncology and Neuro-Psychiatry took place to discuss and complete the use cases and present the advancements made in the collaboration between end-users and tool developers. Furthermore, the initial steps for advancing in the study of the comorbidities between cancer and CNS disorders were agreed.

Next face-to-face meeting will take place also in Barcelona on November 2016.