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Prof. Søren Brunak, from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, organized this 2-day Conference, the first of its kind in Europe. During these two days, 150 delegates and world-leading scientists met to present the recent advancements and discuss the important challenges in the field of bioinformatics, systems biology, chemoinformatics, medical informatics, biology and medicine.


As hospitals accumulate more data on individual patients, such as gene sequencing data – the so called “omics” -, there is also an increasing need for more knowledge on the bioinformatics that relate individual patient observations to phenotypes and various symptomatic subgroups. This type of bioinformatics is what it is usually known as “clinical bioinformatics” or “translational bioinformatics”.


The conference presented talks on these patient-related fields, focusing on data from individual patients in terms of diagnostics and choice of treatments. Therefore, the presentations given by 19 world-leading scientists in the area, coming mainly from both Europe and the United States, triggered lively discussions on the basis of fresh scientific results in the translational domain. These discussions were complemented with the presentation of 21 posters submitted by researchers worldwide.


The Conference was supported by the H2020 MedBioinformatics project, which will support the organization of other two similar conferences in 2017 (Hinxton, UK) and 2018 (Barcelona, Spain), with the objective of consolidating the event as a reference forum around the translational bioinformatics area in Europe.


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